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Want to more about carpal tunnel syndrome and how you can use self-help techniques to reverse carpal tunnel syndrome on yourself?

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  • Find out the reason why you get swelling in the carpal tunnel  — It is not what you think.
  • Find out why the numbness, tingling, pain etc. in you hands may actually be coming from somewhere else.
  • What do dimmer switches have in common with hand numbness?

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For further information check out Carpal Tunnel Master.

Glucosamine Chondroitin and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Glucosamine chondroitin.  Does it help carpal tunnel syndrome?

Numbers of people have reported glucosamine chondroitin helpful for carpal tunnel syndrome as well as DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis.

There is an article floating around the Internet that says that is ridiculous because glucosamine chondroitin promotes cartilage growth and tendons are not made of cartilage.

That is true. HOWEVER glucosamine chondroitin apparently stimulates production of synovial fluid which is your body’s lubricant between joints AND ALSO is the fluid in the tendon sheaths that the tendons run through as they go through the carpal tunnel.

It is when the synovial fluid in the tendon sheaths dries up through excessive repetitive use and that swelling starts. The swelling occurs when the lubrication is gone and the rubbing of the tendon against the sheath walls causes pieces of cells to dislodge causing irritation.

As I have said many times pharmaceuticals make it worse because they only go after the symptoms of swelling, but do nothing to remove the irritation. Also drugs shut off your brain’s “engine warning light” so that the body’s natural healing processes do not get triggered.

Glucosamine chondroitin may also help with pain. BUT it is not fast acting and may take a week to several weeks to show results.

I’m not saying it will work for you, but it is worth a try. It is cheap, found almost anywhere there is a good selection of vitamins and such, and is generally well tolerated.

As with anything, if you are taking medicine check with your pharmacist to make sure it is okay, particularly if you are diabetic.

If it helps or doesn’t, I would like to hear from you.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cure Yourself

Have you been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome?

Nearly all doctors will say there is no remedy for carpal tunnel syndrome. Doctors generally go after the symptoms, but seldom the cause of the problem.

Here is what you need to know. The true reason you have carpal tunnel syndrome is muscle imbalance in your forearms. This is where nearly all doctors don’t “get it”.

What do I mean? The forearm muscles move the wrist and fingers. When you open and close your hand, that motion is actually being done by the forearm muscles.

Nearly all of the muscles that are used in typing, using a mouse, playing most musical instruments, etc., are forearm muscles. When you use weights with your hand closed, you are gripping using the forearm muscles. This is the case no matter what muscle group you are trying to strengthen.

In order to cure carpal tunnel syndrome, here is some basic information:

On the palm side of the forearm are muscles known as frexors. Flexor muscles are what close the fingers and wrist. On the back side of the forearm, the extensor muscles do the opposite and draw the wrist and fingers backward.

When you use your hands for almost anything the flexors are doing much more work than the extensors. The extensor muscles become weaker than the flexors because they do not have to push anything.

The flexor muscles get shorter and thicker. The tendons of the flexor muscles also become thicker and shorter. It is tendons that attach muscle to bone.

The tendons that attach the forearms to the fingers are long and skinny. There are nine flexor tendons that go through the carpal tunnel..

The tightened flexor muscles pull the wrist forward because they are now shorter. This decreases the size of the carpal tunnel. And because they are now thicker, the tendons also occupy more space in the carpal tunnel.

This creates further inflammation and irritation. This increasingly puts pressure on the median nerve

Night splints can help because they maintain the hand in a neutral position when you sleep. Therefore they hold the carpal tunnel open. But they don’t cure carpal tunnel syndrome.

Try this demonstration. Hold your hands in a neutral position. By that I mean that the back of your hand lined up straight with the back of the forearm. Keep your hands in the neutral position and bring them down to your sides. Now forget about your hands for a at least a minute.

See if your hands are still in the neutral position. If your muscles are in balance they would hold your hand in a neutral position without any effort on your part.

So the solution is to loosen up the flexor muscles. The majority of physical therapists attempt to do this by various stretches. Although stretches can work, the results may be slow in coming. Some will quit if they don’t get quick enough relief.

When I was getting my own hand trouble, doing stretches didn’t work for me.

What did work were targeted self-massage techniques. This is where you can find your own treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.

These effective and specific self-help methods do not require use of your hands. Nor do they require any gizmos. Going to a massage therapist won’t ususlly help very much. You can work more effectively on yourself. You just have to know how. Working on your forearms and tendons 5 minutes at a time, a couple times a day will do you more good, and save you tons of money.

These work amazingly well because you directly loosen the tightness in the tendons and muscles, increase the blood supply to them, directly unstick muscle fibers that have stuck together, as well as unstick muscle cells that are in contraction.

Follow this link for a quick, safe and effective, self cure for carpal tunnel syndrome. Continue reading

Thumb Pain from Text Messaging

Texting can become painful.  More and more people are complaining of sore thumbs.   The base of the thumb may seem swollen, it may feel bruised.   The pain may seem to travel up the forearm.  Actually it is from over use of the thumb from text messaging.

It has been called blackberry thumb. 

But as text messaging becomes more and more popular, more people are getting it. 

It is easy to prevent.

Fixing it isn’t very hard – you can do it yourself with a little patience and persistance. 

This video shows you what you can do about your thumb pain.

Third Carpal Tunnel Interview

 Listen to the third in the four part series as I am interveiwed by Kathryn Merrow, The Pain Relief Coach.

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