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Discover the real reason you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Hilma Volk: Hi, my name is Hilma Volk and I have been a massage therapist since 1991. And I’m going to talk about the real reason you get carpal tunnel. And sometimes you think you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but you may actually not have it at all.

The reason you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is muscle imbalance. Now, what do I mean by that? Okay, for every muscle that you have there is an opposite muscle. I mean, I’m talking about skeleton muscles not like heart muscles. But anyway, the most common muscle you know of, muscles that do the opposite things are triceps and biceps. Biceps do this, triceps do that.

Well every other muscle has an opposite muscle, muscles that do things and muscles do the opposite action. And in your hands, most of the movement that is done by your hands is actually done by the forearm muscles. And the muscles that close your fingers are the flexor muscles, these are called flexors muscles.

Even any doctor will tell you there’s flexor muscles because they have names, like flexor this or flexor that. And the muscles on the back of the forearm are the ones that open your hands and they are called extensor muscles.

Now, the flexor muscles make your hands close, make your fingers close, bring your wrist down. The extensor muscles do the opposite. Now, when you are typing or playing a musical instrument or squeezing things or gripping things or lifting weight with gripping, what muscles are you using? You are using the flexor muscles.

When you open your hands there is no resistance. When you close your hands to get something or when you are typing or playing a guitar, a piano or whatever these muscles are pushing. So, these muscles get stronger relatively speaking compared to the extensor muscles which don’t have any resistance to go against. And usually, you are not stretching your hands out; usually you are just working with your hands down.

Now, these muscles get tighter more than they are used. When a muscle gets tighter it shortens. Why does it shorten? Well you get knots. Knots are muscle fibers stuck together. And you get shortening in the muscles by muscles in contraction. Little cells within the muscle get stuck in contraction. Not the whole muscle but parts of the muscle, those cells iwithin the muscle. And unless your muscles get stretched out the less they can get stretched out.

And these tendons which are attached to the muscle - because tendons attach muscles to bone - and the tendons that come from the forearm go through the carpal tunnel. You can tell that your forearm muscles move your wrists and fingers just like gripping your forearm and feeling what happens when you move your hand around, when you move your hand up and down. When you see these tendons move up and down, they look like little pencils there.

But anyway, because these get thicker and shorter they pull your wrist forward. When your wrist is pulled forward there is less room in the carpal tunnel area. When there is less room in the carpal tunnel area there is more pinching on the media nerve which makes your hands numb.

Now, a lot of doctors will recommend wrist splints at night so you can sleep. But what does a wrist splint do? They hold your hand in a neutral position. And when it’s in a neutral position your carpal tunnel is open and that is why you can sleep.

So, doctors already know that keeping the carpal tunnel open makes you feel better, it gets rid of the numbness. But it’s not healing anything, it’s not actually reversing your problem at all because you keep on typing and doing whatever you were doing and you think you are getting better because you can sleep at night when actually the problem is just accumulating. It’s just that this, at night, keeps the carpal tunnel open.

Now, try and experiment with me. I want you to hold your hand in a neutral position. The neutral position is when the back of your hand and the back of the forearm are in a straight line. And just put your hands down with your hands facing your side. Move your hands in a neutral position and then forget about your hands, don’t pay attention to them.

You see if there were no muscle imbalance in your hand, your hand and forearm would stay in a straight line. The back of your hand and forearm will stay like that. But if they curl in that’s muscle imbalance and what you need to do about that is correct the muscle imbalance. And how do you do that? Well, a lot of programs use stretching.

But the fact is that stretching is a very slow process. Why? Because when you stretch a muscle the parts of the muscle that aren’t stuck together, that are not shortened are the ones that are easiest to stretch. The parts of the muscle that are stuck either with muscle fiber stuck together or with scar tissue in them or muscle cells stuck in contraction, those are the last things that want to stretch.

So, by the time you are done stretching those probably haven’t even stretched yet or if they are just a minimal amount. So, it takes more and more time to get to those muscles to loosen them up by stretching, whereas if you had self massage and I show you self massage techniques in my course where you are not using your hands, because I know they are already weak from your problem. So, you are not using your hands to actually do a self massage on yourself and this is much, much better than having a massage therapist do it.

Now, I am a massage therapist. I’ve been a massage therapist for 20 years and I know there’s not a lot of great massage therapists out there relative to the number of massage therapists who aren’t that effective in solving problems.

Most just do what I call the slide and glide. They feel good, they may help your back out and stuff. But very few have studied how to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

And even if they have all you need to do is work out a few minutes, 5 minutes at a time. A couple of times a day, now you wouldn’t go to a massage therapist for that, you would waste a whole lot of time, waste a whole lot of money. You don’t need to do that; you can do it yourself.

And as far as the programs that only talk about carpal tunnel and what it is. Well, there is other things that cause problems in your wrists and fingers that are coming from other parts of your body such as the front of your neck. And anyway, I show you how to find those and what to do about them and how you locate those.

And again, it’s something you can do yourself really, really easily. It’s not hard and it doesn’t take all that long to do. How long does it take? Well, it depends on how bad your situation is. I mean, if you are just doing a minimal amount with your hands and it’s not a bad problem you can get rid of that problem really quick.

And if your problem has been around for a while and it’s not severe enough that you need carpal tunnel surgery, that your hand is not totally dead all the time or you are not in danger of total nerve damage, you can reverse that and you will feel yourself functioning better all the time but it’s better to keep at that.

And if you are on an occupation where you are using your hands a lot you want to do maintenance on them once you got it cleared up because you are still doing the things that cause the problem. Hopefully, you will learn ergonomic techniques either from me or through other sources that I give on how to keep your hands so that they are causing you less damage but you still want to be able to function with your hands, to do your job or to buy your instrument or whatever it is that you do, your hobby or knitting or gardening or whatever.

But the thing is, if you don’t take action your problem will get worse. And if your hands are getting numb or tingling now think what they are going to be if you keep doing what you are doing the way you are doing it, think about what happens 10 years from now or 5 years from now, even couple of years from now.

And if you’ve already had carpal tunnel surgery and it’s come back it’s because you keep on doing the things you’ve done before or you’ve got scar tissue from the surgery. But you can reverse yourself again IFit’s caused by the muscle imbalances. If it’s caused by a screw up in the surgery, well I don’t know what you can do about screw up part.

There you are, take a look at my page, sign up and get yourself better, okay.

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